Week 3: Mobile Web Design

It is becoming more and more crucial to have a great sense of UX design when implementing mobile versions of a website. Since mobile is condensed, there is less space involved for navigation, lengthy copy and often at times images need to be responsive. 

The Toronto Film Festival website is a great example of a simple design but with having a very intuitive user experience. There is still a lot of information and links available however it does not seem busy or overwhelming. 

The main hero section is a carousel of rotating images where the use can go back or foreword if the automatic transition is too fast or slow for their liking. By swiping back and forth it is already an action that we are familiar with when using our devices. This is where the medium is very important, when on mobile we want the layout to be easy to understand, and using the same tactics that we are used to throughout everyday apps. A great mobile design should also have an obvious navigation section, because this will be the gateway for the other pages. 

The example I'm providing also has a search bar section right underneath the hero images in order to really simplify anything that the user may be looking for specifically. A search bar is very important when thinking about how a user is arriving to the website through mobile. Often there is less aimless browsing and more often the user is looking for specific information about a time or an event if they are on their mobile device. This is another reason why it should be very intuitive, quick and easy for the user to get the information they are looking for. 

Color and size throughout the website will also play an important role in order to keep consistency but also for the responsiveness. Many mobile websites will have their navigation, header and footer in black and white and at times some small accent colors. This does help for creating a visual contrast and making the key elements stand out.

In terms of consistency, I have also chosen this example because it does not stray too far away from the desktop version of the website. This is important as well because at times the mobile website will be the second visit for the audience, and sometimes vice versa. But consistency between the two layouts is important for the viewer to recall. All the same information should be provided but generally the design will differ based on the sizing and the main purpose of the user's visit. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.35.35 AM.png