Recent work

I have had the chance to work with multiple brands to execute mobile, and social media campaigns. The focus has been the same for creating engagement: eye-catching visuals with straight forward copy to bring forth clarity of the call to action. With some insight into today's market being that attention spans becoming smaller and smaller, it was important in every execution to be clear, but well designed for a lasting impression. 

Pac Sun - Print Campaign

Pac Sun has always been a retailer I would look forward to going to when I visited the United States, as soon as I could buy clothes for myself, Pac Sun was the greatest gift for little tom-boy-skater-me. It's obvious it has evolved and become more trendy over the years, but up here in Canada we are still without the glorious store. They do currently ship to Canada, however, we put together a campaign which would be for the company to launch in Canada.

Accounts: Kaliegh Nicole Near

Copywriting: Marshall Veroni

Art Director #2: Marla Brown

Powerade - Interactive Campaign

Our campaign for Powerade Zero was to be strictly using mediums other than print ads. It was great to be able to think outside the box to advertise a product. My team did a great job in collaborating what separates Powerade Zero from the competitors on the market, yet still giving Powerade the superior choice. Our surrounding idea was to use situations where Powerade Zero was light, yet powerful which brought us for executions in total.

Accounts & Strategy: Erik Carlson
Copywriter: Marco Marrone
Art Director #2: John Baek

Jeep for Sapient Nitro

The challenge was to create a campaign that will offer potential Jeep owners an off roading experience. Current Jeep owners as well, would love to be able to go off roading but the majority have never had the opportunity. Footage will be filmed on the Rubicon Trail this summer, and our goal was to implement that footage to virtual reality platforms. Our overarching idea was to “find your inner jeep” which starts with a quiz to connect your personality to a model of jeep, then it would invite you do try out an application which could be used with google cardboard to play the Rubicon Adventure game. The app also included a community hub for Jeep owners & enthusiasts to post their photos, videos, and to connect with others around the world.

Accounts: Kaleigh Near
Copywriter: Ellen Porteous
Ideation: Natalie DeCoste

Sketch - Interactive Campaign

Sketch is a Toronto based art space, dedicated to serving street-involved youth a place to create, express themselves and learn skills. Sketch is celebrating their 20 year anniversary and striving to gain more attendees. We created a campaign which would get the viewer involved, with responsive digital billboards, blank, public canvases - open to collaboration, and a stage within a truck for a platform to sing, dance or act. The contributions made to these three platforms, at peak times, be recorded to Facebook live to show community involvement and serving as an invitation to join.

 Strategy: Erik Carlson                                    

Copywriters: Mark Delisi & Zarene Sepehripour

Art Director #2: Cayman Robinson

Winners Commercial

A collaborative project between Creative Advertising & Film Production at Humber College.

Film: Director: Darik Maurice, Producer: Morgan Campbell, Sound: Ryan Wibowo, Editor: Dinesh Deen
Advertising: Accounts: Andrew Block, Copywriting: Sarah Suresh, Art Director: Myself & Valerie Egorova

Soundtrack: The Rest is Noise - Jamie XX

Winners Print Ads

Winners, the retail clothing and home chain, presented to our class the challenge of targeting their stores to millennials and young adults. They had found in the past few years that this age group was lacking in their retail locations, however they are all aware of Winners and the "fabulous finds for less." They needed to change their perception slightly, by adding an element of story to their business. They wanted to see a campaign that would run consecutively, being up to date with the latest trends and social media platforms. We focused mainly on the aspect of love, and what it's like to fall in love with a particular article of clothing. 

We executed polaroids, which showed couple-like situations with clothing. It's slightly empowering, which is a similar feeling when finding the next best piece for your wardrobe at a  fraction of the price. We wanted the ads to be fun, fit with our target, and something that could be seen in multiple scenarios. 

We also had an idea of setting up a Photo Booth at given locations such as Frosh, or Valentine's day, which would be sponsored by Winners. 


Guru Energy Drink

With the help of my team we were able to design a type based video, and three posters for Guru energy drink. The big idea being “journey to enlightenment” playing on the meaning of a guru, and what that means for the drink itself. It has only carefully chosen ingredients form all over the world, so we wanted to showcase that within our executions.

Accounts: Andrew Block
Poster Design: Marco Marrone
Copywriting: Marco Marrone & Matthew Mielniczek

Vaseline - Print Campaign

Taking the competition into consideration, many consumers would prefer to buy a skin care product which targets their distinct skin issue, or at least have a defining scent to represent themselves. We are positioning Vaseline as a solution for all, all skin types and colours, everyone having their own form of imperfections but being equal and even is what we focused on for aligning them back to the original skin care product.


Accounts & Strategy: Jason Carlos
Copywriter: Alison Staggerah
 Art Director #2: Marrijill Ruiz

Fentanyl for the OACP

The Ontario Chiefs of Police presented to us a challenge to create a fentanyl awareness campaign and promote the use of naloxone to help stop overdoses. Fentanyl is a lethal drug in which can be found to be laced within other drugs. We presented the solution of having transit and ambient posters in which the yellow stencil sticker could be removed and then replicated throughout the city and surrounding areas. By creating this interaction with the campaign and spreading the knowledge, there would also be an online landing page to request more information, or if finding yourself in an emergency, to request a naloxone van delivery right where you are. 

Accounts: Andrew Block
Copywriter: Marshall Veroni
Art Director #2: Jessica Hirst